I wanted to share with you a testimonial as to the strength of the Structall panels.  We built a house in Gainesville for a lady by the name of Margaret Hines.  We built her the standard Windham plan.  Several years later, after a severe storm, we got a call from her telling us that a large Oak Tree behind the house had been uprooted during the storm and had fallen on the house.  She asked if we would come out and look at it to determine what damage the tree had caused to the house.  We were astounded to find that once the tree had been removed from the house, there was absolutely no damage to any of the roof panels or the wall panels.  The only damage was a bent section of the white, aluminum fascia metal.  We ordered a new piece of fascia from Structall, unscrewed the old piece, and installed the new piece.  Good as NEW!  No structural damage whatsoever from a large Oak Tree!  Isn't that an amazing testimony to the strength of the 6" roof panels and the 4" wall panels?

Structall Senior Project Manger, Eddie Beard talks about building with Structall Snap-N-Lock Structural Insulated Panels.

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My names Eddie Beard, I’m a contractor here in New Orleans; currently I’m involved in rebuilding New Orleans. We’re taking the old houses that are damaged beyond repair and we’re replacing them with new structural insulated panels that are made by Structall. We’re using the steel skin panels, even for the floor system because we do not believe in wood.  It has been a great selling point, before we had to convince people to use steel and had all their old misconceptions about lightning and such as that. No longer do I get asked those questions, they sell themselves, they say “ah you will not have termites, your electric bill must be nothing” and “wow those things are really strong.” I've found for minimum amount of cost all of the sudden everyone is fighting these codes. They don’t want to meet the new energy code, they don’t want to meet the new wind load codes and I’m saying “bring it on” because that’s what I've been doing for about 8 years now, working with Structall building high quality, energy efficient and affordable housing; and I think that’s the way it’s going to be.

Eddie Beard, Structall Senior Project Manager

Homeowners, Tom and Glenda LeBlanc, weathered Hurricanes Rita and Katrina from within their Structall Steel SIPs home in Louisiana.

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Hello and this is Tom and Glenda, we are located in, Des Allamands, Louisiana, we have a Structall house, we have approximately 2150 sq ft of living area, we’re very satisfied with the Structall product. We were unfortunate enough to go through 2 hurricanes, Hurricane Katrina and then Hurricane Rita. We moved in March 2002 and we’ve been here ever since. Except for the loss of electricity we were able to live in the house all the time. Everything has worked out great, we’re very satisfied with the product and we would recommend it anytime.

Tom and Glenda LeBlanc, Homeowners,

Homeowner, Don Avant, talks about his Structall Steel SIPs home withstanding Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in Louisiana.

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Hello, my name is Don, I own a house down at Cocodrie, Louisiana and it’s built by Structall panels. It’s a pretty good way to build a house it looks to me, because it went through Katrina and Rita and the only problems I had was with the vinyl siding, which should have nothing to do with the house itself and I think it’s a pretty good arrangement.

Don Avant, Homeowner,