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The Standard in Snap-N-Lock Homes: RenewAire Energy Recovery Ventilator

The Snap-N-Lock™ Panel System creates an extremely tight building envelop - meaning that virtually all wasteful air leaks are eliminated, which results in an extremely energy efficient building with little energy loss. Because of this tight building envelop, an exchange system becomes the key to obtaining maximum energy efficiency in your home. The RenewAire Ventilator…
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What is a Snap-N-Lock Energy Efficient Panel?

The SNAP-N-LOCK™ Insulated Panels are pressure laminated composites of baked, polyester-coated steel or aluminum coil sheets that have been roll formed to produce a patented locking system, and computer cut and routed expanded polystyrene foam (EPS). These elements are laminated under pressure with an adhesive to produce a panel having structural and insulative properties. The…
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