I wanted to share with you a testimonial as to the strength of the Structall panels.  We built a house in Gainesville for a lady by the name of Margaret Hines.  We built her the standard Windham plan.  Several years later, after a severe storm, we got a call from her telling us that a large Oak Tree behind the house had been uprooted during the storm and had fallen on the house.  She asked if we would come out and look at it to determine what damage the tree had caused to the house.  We were astounded to find that once the tree had been removed from the house, there was absolutely no damage to any of the roof panels or the wall panels.  The only damage was a bent section of the white, aluminum fascia metal.  We ordered a new piece of fascia from Structall, unscrewed the old piece, and installed the new piece.  Good as NEW!  No structural damage whatsoever from a large Oak Tree!  Isn't that an amazing testimony to the strength of the 6" roof panels and the 4" wall panels?

Karen Martin-Brown, David Brown Enterprises, LLC a/k/a Truly Custom, Inc.

Assistant Director, Barbara Luder, talks about the tornado that touched down at the Color Wheel Learning Center.

Barbara - Color Wheel Learing

My name is Barbara Luder, I’m assistant director with Color Wheel learning center, highway 44, Prairieville, Louisiana. Our learning center experienced about two and a half years ago a tornado that brushed against the left side of the building approximately 6:35 6:40 am. There were children here and the building withstood the tornado, it shook just a little bit, the children of course were scared but no one had any injuries. The building sustained everything; wonderful, wonderful structure!

Barbara Luder, Assistant Director

Owner/Director of Color Wheel Learning Center (Louisiana), Julie Brandt, talks about building both of their locations using Structall Steel SIPs.

cwlc 047

Hi my name is Julie Brandt and I’m the director and owner of the Color Wheel Learning Center in Prairieville, Louisiana and we have two locations. We decided to build both locations out of the panels. Some of the reasons that we did it were for the insulation factor; our utility bill is probably about what half of what my uncle pays for his utility bill on his daycare and also for sound insulation in between the 2 classes, it’s a barrier between kids that are really loud. We chose them as well for the magnetic use of it because we put all of our stuff up with magnets. Along with the safety reasons to, when the storm came through we had no damage at all here, I didn’t have to worry about coming back and finding that any of the walls were down or that there was any damage by any trees falling around us.

Julie Brandt, Owner/Director

Brothers, Chris & Todd Fausett, rebuild their new homes and Todd's shop out of Structall Steel SIPs after Katrina in Mississippi.

071 001

My name is Chris Fausett and I live in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi and I lost my home, I found the structural panels that I’m going to build my house out of because of the energy star efficiency of it and just what it has to offer, impact and all that other great stuff.

Hi my name is Todd Fausett I’m Chris’ brother and we’re building our shop also out of the structural panel here on our home site in Gill, Mississippi, just north of Bay St. Louis where it’s nice and dry and we don’t have to worry about floods. We like the structural strength of the panels and the energy star efficiency for climate control and just the sheer simplicity and ease of snapping the panels together, also less man hours involved in building structures and actually stronger structures.

Chris & Todd Fausett, Homeowners