What is a Snap-N-Lock Energy Efficient Panel?

The SNAP-N-LOCK™ Insulated Panels are pressure laminated composites of baked, polyester-coated steel or aluminum coil sheets that have been roll formed to produce a patented locking system, and computer cut and routed expanded polystyrene foam (EPS). These elements are laminated under pressure with an adhesive to produce a panel having structural and insulative properties. The Panels are custom embossed aluminum coil 2105-H-194, .032 smooth aluminum coil 3105-H-14 or 26 gauge smooth coated galvanized steel ASTM-A527 #G90.

Panels shall be 2" to 8" in overall thickness with an EPS foam core density of 1 lb./cubic ft. according to the ASTM-D303/D1622/C177/C518/D1621/C203/D1623/D723/E96/C272/D696/D2863. A 1lb. density panel will support loads up to 72 lbs per sq. ft. combined with various wind loadings up to 150 mph. The foam core performs as a thermal barrier with thermo transmission of 0, 0588 BTU/(sq. ft. hr. °F).  On average every panel has athermal resistance value of R-4 per inch.aluminum

The panel is available through the manufacturer or an approved distributor in widths of 23-1/8" and 48" for aluminum skins and lengths up to 32 ft. Tolerances for the panels are: width - 1/16", length- 1/16".

The weight of a standard 4' x 8' x 4" .026 gauge steel panel is approximately 71.27 lbs. or 2.2273 lbs./sw. ft. Even though the panels are light, the system is structurally superior to conventional stud frame methods. The panel's high capacity to resist loads is due to the double "t" type beam design and the continues interface of walls and roof.

The table below indicates the maximum and roof spans that can be achieved with 6" and 4" thick SNAP-N-LOCK™ panel is International Code Council Recognized, Florida Product Approved, Miami-Dade County Product Approved, Texas Department of Insurance Approved, California FBH Approved, and exceeds ENERGY STAR® and Builder's Challenge standards for building envelope energy efficiency.

snap n lock table

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