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Screen Rooms Increase Value

Adding extra living space to your home not only provides you and your family a better standard of living, but also increases the value of your home. If you’ve ever considered adding a room to your house, you’ve also considered the time and costs involved. Using conventional construction methods can be quite expensive, time consuming,…
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Could You Cut It Living Tiny?

"Is the growing popularity of the tiny house movement based in innovative spatial design and the intriguing idea of minimalistic living, or actual buyer interest? Despite a growing buyer segment, only 1% of homes sales are "tiny homes" (less than 1,000 square-feet). " EcoBuilding Pulse Magazine Follow the link below to find all your Structall…
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Much Electricity Use Traceable to Household Behavior

"The people moving into a new home and their behavior can easily have a larger influence on energy consumption than items a builder may be able to control, according to research recently published by NAHB." To continue reading please visit the link below
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