3 Bedroom, 2 Bath, 2 Car Garage
Living Area - 1825 sq.ft.
TOTAL under roof - 2,557 sq.ft.

The garage and bedroom extend from the front of this three bedroom home, drawing you visually into the entryway. Brick and stucco are used to further enhance these different depths. Arched openings and columns add an artistic and classical flair. This same attention to detail is seen on the inside of the home. Columns create a sense of elegance, while tray ceilings add definition and character.

Package MSRP*
Doors & Windows
Partition Framing
Complete Package MSRP**


The Venetian is a modified Ashland floor plan.  View the Venetian in 3D!


Structall Building Systems Energy-Wise Homes Standard Panelized Housing Packages are available in a number of plan formats and architectural styles. The prices listed are for steel clad panel packages with steel support framing. The prices and model plans listed are subject to change without notice and may require modifications to meet your local building code requirements.

* A Shell Package Price includes:

  • All wall panels and roof panels
  • All channels, extrusions, extruded fascia, panel flashing
  • Any required beams and load bearing walls
  • Second floor joists (when applicable)
  • All fasteners and caulking
  • Pre-cut door and window openings
  • Pre-cut gable wall and side wall
  • Pre-cut roof panel
  • Energy recovery ventilator for indoor air quality.

Also included are 3 sets of permit/construction prints sealed by a design professional and numbered shop drawings for panel assembly.

** Complete Package is shipped with all of the above noted materials and includes:

  • All of the required exterior doors and windows (excludes Garage Doors)
  • All interior partition wall and dropped ceiling framing.

Note: Shells do not include slab or exterior/interior cladding.

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