Building with SIPS

The Process

Step 1: Choose a plan.

1. Choose from our featured plans. Order without changes or request changes.  
2. Choose from other house plan sources, such as websites, or magazines.
3. Have an architect design a home for you.

Step 2: Receive a Quote.
You will be put in contact with a Project Manager, who will quote your project and answer questions.
- Preliminary Quote – Submit drawings that show wall and roof dimensions, as well as roof slope. A preliminary quote only provides an approximate cost.
- Formal Quote – Requires architectural drawings / pre-construction plans AND/OR a bill of materials. Structall can provide these drawings for a fee. Formal Quotes can be signed and turned into Orders.

Step 3: Place an Order.
Services such as cut and production drawings are paid 100% upon signing the formal material quote. 50% payment for material is required upon signing the formal quote. Remaining 50% is required prior to delivery of the materials. *We recommend approving the formal quote after you have a building permit.

Step 4: Drawings.
If architectural drawings are ordered through Structall, plans will be produced. Production drawings will be produced. If the order calls for Structall to cut the panels, Cut Drawings will be produced.

Step 5: Panel Production.
After the Formal Quote has been signed into an Order and payment received, panels will go into production. If the order calls for Structall to cut the panels, the completed panels will be transferred to the Carpenter Shop.

Step 6: Delivery.
Materials will be shipped via Structall Fleet or Common Carrier. If the order is to go out of country, client will arrange for pick-up via container/trailer. Builder will need 4-5 man crew, and preferably a forklift, to unload the truck. Open space near the site for the panels to sit without being damaged will be necessary.

What is a “Shell”?
– All wall panels and roof panels
– All channels, extrusions, extruded fascia, panel flashing
– Any required beams and load bearing walls Second floor joists (when applicable)
– All fasteners and caulking Pre-cut door and window openings
– if Requested Pre-cut gable wall and side wall
– if Requested Pre-cut roof panel
– if Requested Energy recovery ventilator for indoor air quality is strongly suggested.

Structall does not provide:
– Construction of home
– Home foundation
– Interior finishing material – ie. Drywall, electrical, plumbing
– Exterior finishing material – ie. Roofing, siding, garage doors
– Windows and entry doors can be purchased through Structall.
Due to the various sizes and options, windows & doors are quoted separately.