Drug-Free Workplace Policy

NOTICE TO APPLICANTS: Drug-Free Workplace Policy

Structall Building Systems has established and maintains a Drug-Free Workplace Policy. This Drug-Free Workplace Policy is in conformity with chapter 440.102, Fla. Stat., its implementing regulations, and Federal law.

As part of this Policy, offers of employment are expressly conditioned upon passing a drug test. In addition, employees of the Company may be subject to drug testing under those conditions outlined in the Company Drug-Free Workplace Policy Statement.

For job applicants receiving a conditional offer of employment, failure of a drug test or refusal to submit to drug testing when required by the Company shall terminate any job offer. For employees, failing a drug test or refusing to submit to a drug test will result in action against an employee up to and including termination of employment.

Job applicants receiving a conditional offer of employment will have an opportunity to confidentially report to the Medical Review Officer (MRO) the use of prescription or non-prescription medications both before and after being tested. Additionally, job applicants shall receive a list of common medications that may alter or affect a drug test. Job applicants will also be given the names, addresses and telephone numbers of local alcohol and drug rehabilitation programs.

Any job applicant receiving a conditional offer of employment who fails a drug test may challenge or explain the result within five (5) working days after written notification of the test result. A job applicant will also have an opportunity to request a retest at the job applicant's expense. If a job applicant's explanation of challenge is unsatisfactory, the job applicant may contest the drug test results pursuant to rules adopted by the Department of Labor and Employment Security or the Agency for Health Care Administration.

The job applicant also has the responsibility to notify the laboratory or clinic conducting the drug test of any administrative or civil action brought involving the drug test conducted by that laboratory or clinic.

The job applicant also has a right to consult the testing laboratory or clinic for technical information regarding prescription and non-prescription medication. In addition, each job applicant will be given a list of the substances to be tested prior to administration of the drug tests. All tests results will remain confidential except as allowed by law. The Company will provide all job applicants with a copy of the Company's Drug-Free Workplace Policy Statement prior to administration of a drug test.