In the past few decades, the traditional garage has increased significantly in size and has evolved in its use. Once the sole domain of the automobile, the modern garage serves more as flex-space for our ever changing lifestyles. With uses ranging from general storage, a workshop, a home office or even living space, climate controlling this space has now become an important issue. To meet this demand, Structall Building Systems has designed a wide selection of energy efficient garage and out-building packages that are both quick and easy to install. On the outside they look like traditional construction, but underneath you will find a unique structural insulated panel (SIP) system that far surpasses conventional stud-wall construction.

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Advantages of our structural insulated panel (SIP) wall and roof systems:
Built-in Value. Insulation is built directly into the wall and roof panels of the structure, speeding up construction time. Climate controlled space has greater resell value and gives the homeowner greater options for its use.

Energy savings. SIPs construction can reduce energy costs by as much as 50%. Heating and/or cooling equipment can also be downsized. Many of the structures only need a small window mount size A/C unit to feel comfortable.

Solid Construction. Buildings constructed of SIPs are stronger than those conventionally framed. The entire capacity of the wall and roof is used to support vertical loads, and resist buckling and bending. This “solid wall construction” also has exceptional strength to resist racking which is very important in the event of a hurricane or earthquake. The straight wall and roof panel construction translate into a superior looking finished building.

Reduced Construction Time. Most of our building packages are sold as “kits”. Panels arrive precut and pre-numbered according to the architectural plan provided by Structall. Since the panels provide the framing, insulation and sheathing all in one step, construction time is greatly reduced. The smaller size structures can be erected by entry level tradesmen in as little as a day. With our precut kits, construction waste is nearly eliminated all together.

Panels are available with steel or oriented strand board skins, and can be customized to a variety of floorplans.