The Structall Difference



  • Custom Order Entry Program
    All documents laser-printed with full item descriptions. Easy to understand - no cryptic acronyms.
  • Faxed order acknowledgements
    Customers know what they are getting at what price.
  • Contact call the day before delivery
    Always a customer approval on backorders.
    No surprises when truck arrives.
  • No other distributor takes the time and expense to
    protect the product like Structall.

    Foam bumpers on both the male and female sides of panels. Heavy cardboard endcaps installed for added protection against damage and ease of stacking. Plastic handles to provide a solid grip when carrying. All extrusion and pan orders are stretch wrapped, which helps prevent damage on our truck and yours.
  • Individually Labeled Orders
    Each item is labeled by customer and job. You don’t have to sort through the material on multiple jobs.
  • Orders are delivered on OUR trucks by OUR drivers
    Loads are specially loaded and blocked at our facility and reblocked after every stop. This results in less damage and confusion with the paperwork.
  • Extensive Marketing Support
    Pre-Printed Brochures, Customized Flyers, Product Catalogs, Free Product Samples.
  • The only supplier with six color options in panels,
    five colors in extrusion, and four colors for pans.

Structall Load & Scan Process

- Click here to view PDF outlining the Structall's Shipping Standard

Once your order has been assigned with others in the region, it is added to a shipping manifest. The manifests are taken to the loading dock personnel who will begin the loading process.

The manifest is then scanned into the Dock Workstation where the contents of your order are broken down into individual units. Each unit is assigned a unique serial number and each order is assigned a color code.

Three piece colored tags that correspond to your order are printed with the individualized serial numbers, as well as extrusion and package numbers, then applied to the appropriate units.

As each unit is scanned, the Dock Workstation changes scanned units from “Unloaded” to “Loaded” status as they are loaded onto the truck.

After loading is completed, a Shipping Superviser will compare the shipping manifest to the Dock Workstation before the truck is allowed to leave.