ADFORS P3 Pool & Patio Plus - Hybrid Screen, 18x14 Mesh

ADFORS P3 Pool & Patio Plus - Hybrid Screen, 18x14 Mesh

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Introducing P3 – Pool & Patio Plus, a premium hybrid pool and patio product.

Increased strength & protection without compromising visibility.

P3 - Pool & Patio Plus is the latest, and first, of its kind innovation from ADFORS for the pool & patio market. This new product features a unique hybrid construction using both polyester and fiberglass yarns. This combination gives P3 increased strength and protection, while maintaining excellent outward visibility, which can be lost with traditional, just polyester, products.

P3 is easier to install for contractors and also comes backed by a 7-year warranty!

Additional features & benefits of P3 include:
  • 18x14 Mesh
  • Thinner profile
  • Stronger than standard 18x14 screen
  • After 10 year weathering simulation, P3 retains 60% more strength than standard screen
  • More openness compared to polyester products for more airflow, increased light and reduced wind load on cages

P3 is available in 100’ contractor rolls in widths up to 106”.